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3 Ways Decluttering Helps You Manage Emotions

It is no secret that our living spaces can reflect our internal world. When feeling overwhelmed, does the paperwork on your desk, the washing up, tidying, and cleaning get away from you? You are not the only one. Read on to see how tackling your clutter today can improve your mood.*

Research suggests a strong correlation between clutter and stress, anxiety, and feelings of unrest. If sitting in a room surrounded by physical clutter causes stress levels to increase, think about the flip-side. Decluttering takes effort and can be difficult, especially if you’ve accumulated a lot of items due to your life stage and mental health difficulties. Perhaps you have been left with someone else’s things? Deciding to actively declutter your space can help you feel better about yourself and your life. 

1. Creating a tidy area of your home or office increases the feeling that you are looking after yourself and your things. It communicates to yourself and others that you are worthy of a calm and uncluttered environment. People who enter this space will feel the effort you have put in – especially if people you live or work with have seen you struggle to manage your space in the past.

2. Organised spaces can facilitate emotional regulation by providing a sense of calm and control. If you lack motivation, think about the relaxation you can achieve with just a little effort. A good example is changing your bedding. This promotes relaxation and can lead to a better night’s sleep.  

3. Having a clutter-free environment enhances productivity for better focus and motivation. The more items we are responsible for, the more there is to tidy before cleaning can begin. If you are regularly sifting through extraneous items, it can be exhausting and distracting. 

Some tips for regulating your emotions while you declutter:

• Practice mindfulness. Stay present while dealing with the task at hand.

• Manage stress by implementing self-care, deep breathing and taking breaks while decluttering.

• Celebrate progress and acknowledge milestones as you go to boost motivation and positive emotions.

Home/office organisation and emotional regulation are interconnected aspects of fostering a harmonious living environment. By cultivating a well-organised home and practicing effective emotional regulation techniques, we can create spaces that nurture our mental health and overall happiness. If it's too hard to start, or you have become stuck, seek support. Reach out to friends, family, or mental health professionals for guidance and assistance when needed.

You are welcome to ask questions and share your favourite decluttering tips in the comments.

*This blog is written with a healthy dose of self-compassion, knowing that different seasons of life (hello children and all their things!), your mental state and even financial stress can impact how much capacity you have to maintain your physical surroundings. Go slowly and gently, taking small steps towards your longer-term goals. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and try to release shame and guilt where possible. You will soon feel the benefits and be motivated to continue.  

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