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An intervention to enhance parent/infant relationships


Becoming a parent is a major life transition and many feel as though they are navigating this new territory without a road-map.​ The COS-P Program, developed by Circle of Security International© uses decades of attachment theory research to show us that what we may see as behavioural "problems" in our child can be reframed to ask  "how can I improve my relationship with my child?" 

There is no judgement or expectation to achieve "perfect parenting" in these groups. Individuals or couples may also like to enquire about working with me to learn the course content as part of, or separate to, an established counselling relationship. The program runs over 8 sessions, allowing parents a safe space to discuss, reflect and learn about how our parenting patterns and beliefs may have formed, and make conscious decisions about how we can put the positive intentionality, that all parents innately have, into action. 

Rebecca runs Circle of Security on a needs only basis. Sessions with individuals and couples who wish to undergo the full program can arranged, or enquire about counselling support for parents that includes the discussion of attachment parenting concepts.  

Rebecca Rylands - COSP Registered Facilitator since November 2018

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